I grew up in a very good Bible church since I was in the 5th grade. It was there I learned about Jesus & His death on the cross for my sins & resurrection from the grave to prove He had satisfied the holiness of God & conquered death. From that time on, it has been a time of growing in both knowledge & in my personal relationship with God. Like every believer, I needed to know God & His will and ways for my life. It wasn’t always easy to obey God, so there were many up & down periods. Eventually, I settled down & the pastor, youth sponsors, & youth group members helped to become more consistent. I had an encouraging environment to grow in the faith & in my personal relationship with God.

          After I got married, I entered pharmacy school & became a registered pharmacist for almost 10 years. As a pharmacist, I learned to care & empathize with people in need. It was then that the Lord called me to Dallas Seminary to prepare to serve Him. I wasn’t sure what I would do for God – but thank goodness He knew. I ended up pastoring a church while in seminary and ended up serving that church for about 11 years. Then my wife and I, along with 3 other people, founded a church. After almost 15 years in the church we founded, God called us to serve Him in a church in Singapore for 8 years. We had some years in between to do itinerate ministry & rest. This year, we will close in on almost 38 years of ministry experience for the Lord. Our lives & ministry have been made possible by God’s mercy & grace. Where we lacked, He provided.

Coming to LSFC was based on a long relationship with some of the leaders dating back to the ’80s when I was a young seminary student. When the Living Stones Fellowship Church approached me to help them, I knew very little about the church & the people. But God led me to come & do whatever I could to help by preaching, teaching, & helping to organize the church. Now that I have been here for a bit, I realize LSFC is a warm & loving inter-cultural church that welcomes all and ministers to all. Their abundant love & warmth is only matched by their passion to share the gospel & help disciple people to be followers of Christ. The church is blessed with a positive encouraging environment for people to learn, explore, grow in their faith & to serve God according to their gifts & leading of the Lord – much like I had growing up.

We are thankful to the Lord for LSFC & pray that God will draw those who need to know God & those who do know God, & need to grow, to LSFC. It is a great place to find God & grow in your personal relationship with Him.

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