Days, Months, Seasons and Years

“You are observing special days and months and seasons and years!” – Galatians 4:10 NIV

It’s so sad that Thanksgiving and Christmas are over. No more Black Friday and Christmas shopping, but there is New Year Eve’s Celebration, the Super Bowl, the Federal holidays especially Memorial Day. That’s the start of summer 2022 unless Omicron virus shuts us down. That would be really, really sad for all of us if restrictions were in place like this year.

We live for the holidays. Our lives are planned around holidays. We take vacations during holidays to have an extra few days. When our children are on Spring Break, the Summer Break or the Christmas holidays, nearly everyone plans their vacations around the school calendar. I did that when my children were young. I didn’t want to take them out of school and neither do you!

The observance of special days or months is good, but as Christians we are not to live for holidays. Our existence is not based on the holidays. We are not to be spell bounded by the Federal holidays or even the Christian celebrations. Every day is a gift from God. It is special to us for God has blessed us with another day to live for His glory.

Don’t live for the holidays. Live for the glory of God each day! Take vacations with your family and friends, but don’t leave God at home. Be Christ centered every day and every day will be a holiday for you. Remember that Immanuel is with you and me. That’s what makes it a true holiday.

Kingston Tong
December 26, 2021