New Year Resolution

With each New Year comes the desire for healthy change – otherwise known as “New Year Resolutions”. This gives birth to such familiar mantras as “Eat less & more healthy; Do less sitting & more exercising; Spend less & save more”. The list can on & on. The goal is to live more productive, purposeful, & joyful lives in the coming New Year.

God wants us to change, too. He wants His children to grow to be more like His Son, Jesus Christ, (Ro. 8:29). This kind of transformation in God’s people does not happen accidentally but intentionally, thru the ministry God’s Spirit using God’s Word, (Ro. 12:2; Heb. 4:12).

So, it stands to reason that the more attention & study we give to God’s Word, our minds & hearts will go thru a spiritual transformation. This spiritual transformation will eventually manifest itself in our lives daily. The transformed mind & heart will result in a changed life.

Make a New Year resolution to increase the amount of time you spend in God’s Word. Ask God to show you new insights or remind you of old ones that you may have forgotten. Then ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to apply them.

You just might achieve change more than you ever thought possible.

Pstr. Arnold