Semper Fi

“Turn my heart towards your statutes and not toward selfish gain.

Turn my eyes away from worthless things;

renew my life according to your word.”

Ps. 119:36-37


Over the years, I have come across special phrases or mottos that express deep heartfelt commitments and purposes. These special phrases capture and inspire hearts towards a certain mission or purpose. They can strengthen individual and corporate resolve and make everyone go above and beyond what they are normally able to do.

One example is the United States Marine Corps motto, “semper fi”, which is modification of the Latin motto, “semper fidelis”. It means “always faithful”. It is a powerful expression of their aspiration to be faithful and loyal to their country and to fellow marines.

This motto would be a good motto to describe our hopes and aspirations in our relationships with God and fellow believers in Christ. How can we be loyal and faithful in these trying times to our God and to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? The prayer found in Psalm 119:36-37 can help us.

Ask for God’s help to turn our hearts towards God’s word and away from personal gain. And turn our eyes away from  worthless things which will only lead us to be unfaithful to God and others in the body of Christ.

When you feel your faithfulness to God and other believers is waning, remember “semper fi”.


Pastor Arnold Wong