“…A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

This the last phrase of a wonderful passage of scripture about kinship, friendship, and community. If you start reading this passage starting back in verse 7, you realize Solomon states the drawbacks of going life alone (1), then the rewards of going thru life with another (2). Then it concludes with the blessing of going thru life with three persons (3).

Scholars point out this progression from 1, 2, and 3 is a typical style found in Hebrew literature. Pastor Warren Weirsbe gives us an excellent summary, “One cord could be broken easily; two cords would require more strength; but three cords woven together could not be easily broken. If two travelers are better than one, then three would be even better.”

If you carry out the logic further, more company on the journey of life is a plus. So living life in a community instead of living a life in isolation can be a priceless enriching blessing. Many believers overlook the strength that comes in numbers. Not only is there more help but there is much needed accountability and encouragement, when needed.

It is vital that every believer lives in a local community of believers so they will overcome trials and temptations and grow and mature in their faith.

Are you taking advantage of the blessings of deep friendships in the community of believers at Living Stones Fellowship? How are you befriending others in the body of Christ and contributing to their development and growth? Life is not just about me or you, it is about all of us doing life together.

When we seek to bless others, we will be blessed back even more. So get blessing and be blessed.


Pastor Arnold