Job Opening: Assistant Pastor of Music & Worship (Part-Time – 20 hours/week)

Position Profile:  The Assistant Pastor of Music & Worship is responsible for leadership, shepherding, and development of all areas of worship and music.  We use a blended musical style at LSFC (that is, we use a mixture of both contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns).  The Assistant Pastor of Music & Worship (APMW) is to develop a relational Christian ministry according to the mission statement and goals of the church.  The APMW should possess the spiritual character and gifts needed to accomplish their duties and responsibilities (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).

Position Summary:  If the Assistant Pastor has degrees in both Biblical and musical training, the musical training will be considered a big plus. These types of training will allow the Assistant Pastor to be a dynamic minister in order to organize all Sunday services, special musicals, and holiday services. The Assistant Pastor will develop teams of lay-leaders and work with other pastors in a team environment. Also, Assistant Pastor will develop this ministry area according to the mission statement and goals of this church. This is a part-time position (average 20 hours per week).  He will report to the Senior Pastor or other designated person.

Position Expectations:

Worship Services & Special Events: The Assistant Pastor for Music and worship will…

  1. …plan, prepare, and lead worship services using the musical teams in the church and will work with the senior pastor for development of weekly theme that matches the direction of the message.
  2. …develop and oversee the musical teams including, praise teams, soloists, choirs, and all other musical groups.
  3. …develop and oversee the audio/visual teams and ushering teams used in Sunday Services and special events.  He will work with the Worship Committee Chair to create well-trained and well-staffed teams.
  4. …plan the special announcements that will be made in Sunday services with other staff and lay leaders.  He will keep a calendar available to all the staff that will be a scheduling vehicle and way to inform people regarding the special announcements from week to week.
  5. …plan special events during holiday seasons or during special seasons of church life.  Special events include things like holiday musicals, hymn sings, dramas, prayer events, weddings, funerals, and banquets.

Church Leadership Ministry: The Assistant Pastor for Music and Worship will…

  1. …attend Worship Ministry Leadership Team meetings.
  2. …attend weekly Pastoral Staff meetings.
  3. …attend Church Leadership Meetings as needed or requested by the Church Leaders.
  4. …be accountable to the Senior Pastor and be a team player with the rest of the Pastoral Staff.
  5. …oversee and coordinate the Worship Leadership Team to meet the objectives of the church.
  6. …be responsible for developing a budget in conjunction with the Worship Leadership Team and in accordance with the LSFC financial department, while working within the guidelines of the Worship Ministry.
  7. …teach Sunday School classes as needed.
  8. …preach as requested.

Church Body Ministry: The Assistant Pastor for Music and Worship will…

  1. promote and maintain unity in the church.
  2. will support and attend general church events along with his family (e.g., Sunday Worship services, family retreat, holiday services, etc.).

Position Knowledge, Skills, and Training:

Education:BA/MA in theological studies, music, and worship; or presently enrolled in a theological education degree program.
Experience:3-5 years of ministry and leadership experience in a church setting desirable but evaluated on a case-by-case basis
Spiritual Gifts:Teaching, discipling, communication, leadership, administration.
Special Requirements:Ability to build relationships and build teams. Passion for multi-ethnic ministries.
Education:Some background in Music and Worship Ministries.
Experience:2-4 years of teaching or in educational administration.
Special Requirements:Ability to develop and implement strategic long-term programs

Position Compensation:

  1. The compensation will be $20 per hour with a maximum of 20 hours per week or $1,600 per month.
  2. Under certain circumstances there may be reimbursement for travel and supplies as needed.