Helping Hands

Some of us have already gone our vacation while others of us are preparing for our vacation. After a long vacation, we need a vacation from our vacation.

We have been traveling over 30 days, transferring 10 airplane flights, taken over 1200 pictures, and I was ready to crash at my daughter’s home. We have slept for nearly 36 hours. As I lay on our bed, I kept hearing my phone ping and ping. Then I heard, “Dad is sleeping. Do you want me to wake him up.” I picked up my phone and read the text messages. Mike was having water dripping down on one of the kitchen window? Was it a water leak, an clog gutter or AC? It was time to get up.

After dinner, my daughter shared that they have open house on Sunday afternoon. She was wondering if I can help her with some bathroom tile regrouting and the toilets, painting and reinstalling a downspout and help fixed a stuck hose on an outside water value. Yes, praise the Lord I was able to help her with all those things before driving back on Monday to help my son with his circumstances.

Tired. Yes. Hearing about the concerns and burdens of my own children, I couldn’t walk away from lending them a hand. Jesus as tired as he was in many occasions didn’t stop to help others who cried out to him. Let’s lend a helping hand to those in need in lifting their burdens. Four hands or more is better than just two. Are you bearing another brother or sister’s burden? Are you taking one further step than just hearing their struggles, but actually lending a helping hand? Let’s help one another so that they can thank and praise God for someone who went beyond just listening but lending a helping hand.

Do you know of someone who needs a helping hand? Let’s offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God to lift another brother or sister’s burden so that it is lighter for him or her.Kingston Tong June 2023