Places or People

“For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship” (Acts 17:23, NASB).


Vacation. Yeah. We’re driving. We’re cruising. We’re heading to the beaches or the mountains. We’re not sitting home any longer than we have to at all. We’re on an extensive road trip of over 5,000 miles. We’re seeing the sights and sounds of America, tasting the different foods of the cities, and looking at the different things each city has to offer to us.


I’ve seen thousands of cars, thousands of people, stopping only to look into the eyes of another person at the fast food places or restaurants. It’s usually in and out for we have a destination for each day. God has reminded me it is not enough just to pass through and examine the best of the cities. It’s not about places, but about people. Have we stopped to look someone in the eyes, to spend time with them?


God led us to visit the Zimmer family near Clearwater, Florida over the Fourth of July weekend. They hosted us despite his health issues. Our fellowship was sweet in the Lord as He gave us time to pray with and for them. We listened to a time-share presentation, but we were able to present Christ to a young man and to encourage him in spiritual things. When we make it to New Jersey, we will be visiting our former church and presenting a workshop on Caring For Seniors. Being on the road doesn’t mean that we forget that we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ.


Just don’t look at the sights and sounds of the cities or the mountains but look into the eyes of people. The Apostle Paul saw many sights and sounds in his travels in the Mediterranean area, but he never forgot the people faces. Of all the pictures that we take, is there anyone else besides ourselves?


Kingston Tong

July 25, 2021