Come Over and Help Us!

Have you ever had the experience of the Spirit of God wanting you to sit next to someone and talk to him or her? Do you every feel a little nudge in your heart and mind to reach out to someone?

The apostle Paul was having restless nights. He had been traveling on a northeastward route from Derbe, Lystra, and Antioch. Now he was at Troas, a coastal city. There were two roads before him. Should he continue eastward? The Spirit of God prohibited him for going further eastward. He knew where not to go, but where was he to go?

Paul’s prayer was answered in a vision he received from God. His vision announced, ““Come over to Macedonia and help us.” Going westward would be going farther from home. Going westward meant going away from the other apostles and Jerusalem. Going westward involved traveling into unfamiliar places. Every step that he took would be a venture for him. The call provided direction, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

Paul’s objective did not include departing on a sightseeing tour of the fabulous cities of Ephesus, Athens or Rome. He was going to help them. They were in need. God was sending him to them. Paul didn’t realize how bad the idolatry was until he witnessed a city full of idols. There were people hungering for spiritual reality. There would be a cost to cross over to help the Gentiles.

Is the Spirit of God calling you to “Come over and help us?” Is it time to change direction? Is it time to respond to a need you see here? Is it time to become involved in serving His church in Farmers Branch? Will you come over and help us? We can use your help.

Kingston Tong