Moving Onward

Stuck in the past? Finding it hard to move forward? Is it possible to move ahead despite the loss of a job or a loss of a loved one? Each of us has faced or will face a loss that will affect us tremendously.

In II Samuel 12, Nathan the Prophet declares to King David that his son will die. David prayed and wept that God may spare his son’s life. We don’t know how many days or weeks before the child died. It was during this time that David fasted before the Lord. Perhaps he thought, “God may be gracious and spare the child’s life.” Sadly, the child died in due time. It was a time of mourning or was it for him?

David said this, 21His attendants asked him, “Why are you acting this way? While the child was alive you fasted and wept, but now that the child is dead, you get up and eat!” David and Bathsheba mourned the loss of their child, but their grief was not consuming them every day of their lives. David realized that he could not bring his child back to life, but that he will go to him one day. David got up from fasting, worshipped God, and ate a hearty meal. I am certain that David comforted Bathsheba.

I miss Kaori, my daughter-in-law, very much. I know that she is in the presence of the Lord and one day I will see her with all of our loved ones in Christ Jesus. That is my comfort and allows me to move forward each day. Grief doesn’t consume me for hope continues to burn brightly in my spirit.

I see in my grandchildren the kindness and love which she impressed on her children. I see the logical thinking of my son in them. I trust that Ramona and I will be a blessing and help to our son while adding to the spiritual development of their children. I hope that I may be able to increase their faith and faithfulness to God.

Laughter and fun have returned to their home at times and there will be moments of sadness. The days of sadness will be less and days of joy will be more. It is time to get up and eat. It is time to move forward for God has something more for our lives. His plan is still being revealed to them, to us, to you. God doesn’t want us to live in the past, but in the present. That means moving forward in our lives.

Let’s take one step of faith each day. As we look back one day, we may have a greater view for we may be viewing it from a hill or mountain top. We can see more clearly the plan of God and look with greater faith to what lies ahead for us.

Kingston Tong

January 22, 2023