The Open Door

Opportunities knocks. Possibilities and options are ahead of us. Do we dare to venture beyond our comfort zone and where we have been!

Have you heard of Crater of the Diamonds in Arkansas? I read about individuals finding raw diamonds at this State Park. I have even seen pictures of it but in our travels to Hot Springs, we never stopped at this site.

In our latest trip to Hot Springs, we decided to venture to this State Park. I read up about the tools needed to dig or shift for diamonds. The possibility of finding a diamond is minute, but we decided to venture there anyway. There’s hardly any shade. The plowed rows were muddy and it was hot. Did we find any diamonds? No, but we brought back some rocks, purchased some items at the Park Store, and walked into some antique stores in the area. It wasn’t a wasted trip, but it was a venture. Now I know how to dig and shift for diamonds, but I am a little too old to bend down and dig. You got to have very good eyes and be very patient!

In the coming weeks, there’s an open door for us to invite our family and friends to our Church Picnic. There’s an opportunity to serve at our Fall Church Clean-Up. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. All these Church events are open doors for us. Let’s support our Church by being there and lending a helping hand. Will you?

May I encourage you take a step of faith and step pass the threshold into the new things that the Lord has for you and for me. Let’s venture together the Open Doors the Lord has for us

Kingston Tong

September 24, 2023