Are you busy? Is there a dull moment in your life? Is church keeping you busy? “You bet,” you say to yourself, but there is much more that meets our eyes!

God is working in our midst, preparing us for the good works that He has for us. As a Church Leader, I see things happening in our lives and in our church. We have restarted the Academy Hour. We have restarted our lunch and fellowship time. We have E3 with Tom Hall teaching us how to hare the Gospel more effectively with others. We are in search of a Young Adult Pastor. We have people joining our church, wanting to be baptized, and serving the Lord. We have the Fall Festival, Thanksgiving and a Christmas Celebration which we trust the Lord will bless you, me, and our community. It’s not mere busyness, but God working in and through us.

There is a new ministry that will be starting. It’s the Prayer and Fasting Ministry. It’s a ministry that prays for others with special needs within our church family. It’s not another “to do” list, but one from your heart and mine. It will be a ministry that will keep your heart in tune with God while thinking and caring for others. Those whom we pray for will be and are grateful of your love for them. It is so comforting for those in special needs to know that you and I are praying for them.

Will God do great and might things beyond what we can ask and think? Will we see God doing greater works than we have witnessed in our church? It begins with prayers by the enablement of the Holy Spirit to empower us to fulfill His will for our lives and for our church.

May God open the “eyes” of our hearts and our minds to see what He is doing in our midst. You can partner with us even as we rejoice to see what He will through us. Join us. Don’t be a passive observer. You are not just partnering with us, but you are partnering with God! I can’t wait to see what God will do through you and me.

Kingston Tong

October 30, 2022