Mother’s Day

“Honor your father and your mother, 
so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you” (Exodus 20:12, NIV).
      Mother’s Day is a once-a-year event for most people. The Scriptures commanded the Israelites to honor their fathers and mothers. Hmm, were the Israelites to do this once a year, maybe once a month or was it to be every day? Christians are called to honor their fathers and mothers. How often should we honor our parents?
Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is not a once-a-year event like Thanksgiving, Easter, or even Christmas. There’s no state or federal holiday. It’s a busy day for most of us with church activities. Do we really want to add another activity to our packed schedules along with getting ready for work on Monday and preparing the children for school?
If we look at Mother’s Day as just another activity, then we have missed the principle of honoring our parents. It is a time to thank God for our parents, spouse and for our children to express their continual love for their parents. If we take time to honor our parents or our wife, we are modeling for our children how to love their future husband and wife, their father and mother. Remember, it is important enough that God codified this command in the Scriptures. It’s a reminder for us as a nation and as God’s people to show respect and appreciation for our parents.
If you are a teenager or young adult and your funds are limited, make something like a card or give your parent a warm hug and express how much you appreciate her on this Mother’s Day. Husbands, if your children are grown up and gone, do remember that she is the mother of your children. Yes, spend the dollars and take her out to a special dinner. She deserves it for the years of care and sacrifice to raise your child/children together.
The Scriptural command involves more than honoring our parents once a year. We are to honor her every day by expressing our thanks for the many unnoticed things she does for the home and in the home. As men, we do defer a lot of work to her and assume it is her responsibility. She usually does it willing, and will do it more if we would spend a few moments to thank her for the things she does for you and for the family. What will you do if she wasn’t there selflessly serving?
Mother’s Day is here. What are you going to do or say to honor your mother or your wife this day and every day of your life?
Kingston Tong
May 12, 2024