Show Respect for the Elderly

“Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly

and revere your God, I am the LORD” (Lev. 19:32).


My bones aches. My eyesight and hearing are poorer. I can’t walk that fast anymore! Signs of old age?  You bet. How do we treat the elderly in our midst? Have you ever thought: “Don’t bring them! They have to make too many rest stops.” Believe me, Seniors want to walk fast, hear better, and do things faster, but we just can’t keep up with you anymore!

More and more Seniors are the “silent” and “unseen” generation, especially if they are house bound. Mother’s Day is passed and Father’s Day is ahead. Will you call your parents or will your parents have to call you? Honoring our parents is to remember their legacy and contribution to your life. Take a day to open the old photos of your parents and let them have a moment of joy in recounting some memories with and of you. They have lots of stories to tell you about your grandparents and even yourself. When you have listened to their struggles in life, you will rise in respect for their hard work and sacrifice so that we can have a better life. They are part of the foundation that has contributed to your success in life.

What did you do on Mother’s Day and will you do on Father’s Day to show your love and respect? Who knows this may be their last Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Don’t live with regret but live with fond memories of your parents and grandparents. Let’s remember and build fond memories of our national treasures: our parents and grandparents.


Kingston Tong

May 23, 2021