Holiday Plans

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest” John 4:35 (NIV)

Have you noticed that the Halloween Decorations are going up in stores? Thanksgiving and Christmas are less than 4 months away! We may be thinking, “I’m trying to get settle for the school year for my children or for myself. Don’t bother me with Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Celebration or the New Year Celebration right now. I have too much to do already!!!”

Jesus gently reminds us to open our eyes, lift up our eyes. It’s an outward look to others, not an inward look at our personal busy schedule. Planning to attend a Fellowship group meeting is great, but have we made any plans to invite anyone to our fellowship group? Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner for your family or with the Church family, how about planning to invite a friend to join us? Giving gifts to family members or friends, how about giving a gift to a neighbor or to others who have less than we do? Praying for family and friends, how about praying for someone’s salvation?

The holidays are a great opportunity for us to reach out to our neighbors, coworkers at our job, roommates or even our classmates. You can plant a seed today for the Lord. That person just might accept your invitation to join you at your fellowship meeting, come to your home or visit our church. The holidays are coming. Who is coming with you?

Kingston Tong
Sept. 26, 2021