Now there is in store for me…

Did you watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Wasn’t it thrilling, exciting to see the athletes compete and the Olympian winners being awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals! Somehow we do feel sad for those who didn’t win. What did they receive for all that sacrifice and training? Seemingly nothing, but that is not true.

They are honored representatives of their countries just as we are honored representatives of our heavenly country. Their names will be engraved forever as an Olympian just as our names will be engraved as an Ambassador of Christ. Regardless of whether they won a medal or not, it was the greatest privilege of their lives to display their skills on a world stage just as it is the greatest privilege for us to display the work of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives on a world stage. Olympic athletes received the encouragement and cheers from their countryman just as we receive encouragement and cheers from fellow Christians. They set the standard for the next Olympians just as we will set the standard and pathway for the upcoming generation of Christians in Christ Jesus. They received earthly accolades and rewards just as we will receive kingly commendations and rewards.

It’s not a matter of being the best of the best, but running our best for Jesus Christ, our King. Your best may be awarded the gold medal, regardless of whether you are the best. Doing your best matters the most to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Apostle Paul says in 2 Timothy 4:8, “Now there is in store for me (just as there is in store for you and me) the crown of righteousness, which the Lord the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day…” Paul ran his race each and every day until the final day of his life. May we run our race each and every day all the days of our lives. The Lord Jesus will reward you and me on that special day when all faithful followers of Christ are rewarded. A podium awaits us. We are Olympians for the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. Let us run our race well for our God and King.


Kingston Tong

August 15, 2021