You Rock, My Rock

“In God is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.”

Ps. 62:7

Around 1875, the Prudential Financial Insurance Company, adopted as it signature logo the Rock of Gibraltar. They were sending the message that if people do business with them they were doing business with a company that is as safe and solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

When you see the Rock of Gibraltar it is really a magnificent and majestic site. All 1,400 feet of it takes your breath away because it looks absolutely indestructible and invincible. It is solid and unmovable.

I do not know if the psalmist had the Rock of Gibraltar in mind when he wrote his psalm, but it would have been an inspirational image. The psalmist used the analogy of a mountain to describe God. He reminds us of the  awesomeness of God. God is indestructible, invincible, solid, and unmovable.

We can count on Him, He can give us strength like no one else, & we can take refuge in Him.

I have used Ps. 62 many times as an introductory scripture reading to funerals. I want the audience to turn to God in their time when they are needy and vulnerable. They can confidently go to God because He is “the Rock”.

When life goes nuclear, go to the one and only Rock – God.

Pstr. Arnold